What is PHP Share?

PHP Share PHP Share is a free database loaded with helpful classes and functions for PHP programmers. Users can submit scripts or search for scripts. Be sure to create an account so that you can rate scripts, save scripts to your favorites, and post scripts.

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How is PHP Share unique?

PHP Share PHP Share is unique because it has a powerful search function, allows users to add scripts to their favorites, doesn't cost anything, lets users to rate and comment on existing scripts, and most importantly, automatically formats code snippets so that they are clean and easy to read.

How can PHP Share benefit me?

PHP Share can benefit you because it speeds up the web designing process. It allows experienced programmers to insert code into their websites that would otherwise take them a few extra wasted minutes to program. The idea is that only quality code, rated by our site's users, will remain at the top of searches. Thus, only the finest code will enter your websites. Our aim is for everything to be free of charge and open for modification: we want everything to be as portable as possible so that you, as the user, will actually want to use our service.




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