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  1. Phpagination - Easy Elegant Pagination Rated an average of 5 stars by 1 person (Average: 5 stars by 1 person)
    To use PHPagination, you simply call the PHPagination function and pass four arguments; the zero-based current page, the zero-based ending page, a string you'd like to appear before the pagination result, and a string you'd like to appear after each pagination result. PHPagination does the rest, and returns a nicely formatted line of HTML pagination. Find out more and try out an interactive demo at
    Added on November 4, 2010 by Turboladdade.
  2. Random Number in a Range Rated an average of 4 stars by 2 people (Average: 4 stars by 2 people)
    This function returns a random number between an upper and lower boundary.
    Added on July 29, 2007 by Zhay.




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